20 Features in Mandriva 2010

I love Ubuntu and I am an Ubuntu user a long time ago but the next version Ubuntu 9.10 seems to focus on wallpapers and themes !! I don’t like Ubuntu’s way of development. It is just focusing on themes and ignoring important projects like PulseAudio and X.org.

In this article I will talk a little about the new features that will be in Mandriva 2010. The final version is expected to be available on the 3rd of November.Mandriva Logo

Mandriva Linux 2010 is aimed at improving the user experience for daily tasks. let’s have a look to what’s new :

1- New design for installer

To better user experience of installation, the Mandriva developers thought that installer design is quite old now and need to be refreshed to stay ahead of competition. The next screenshot shows the new design. New wizard

2- Live upgrade

Finally, Mandriva Online will be able to notify user about the  new version of the distribution and propose the system to upgrade it without using installer.

3- Moblin desktop

Mandriva 2010 will include the Moblin 2.0 environment designed for mobile desktop platforms, making Mandriva Linux the first distribution to integrate it in a free distribution.This environment has been designed for mobile desktop platforms. Netbooks are a given target but you can also use it when you want an ergonomic and simple environment for daily tasks. Moblin 2.0

Installing it is easy: install task-moblin package in rpmdrake and choose Moblin in connection manager.

4-  Guest accounts

Guest accounts, based on the xguest package, can now be established to offer safe temporary access to the system via gdm or kdm.

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